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To register for the 24th Annual VA Psychology Leadership Conference and to pay with a credit card through PayPal, complete the form below and click the "Submit" button to go to the payment page. If you would prefer to pay for the conference by check, download this registration form by clicking on the link in the column to the left, complete the form, and mail it along with your check (payable to AVAPL) to Sam Wan, Ph.D., Past-President for AVAPL. Address information for Dr. Wan appears on the downloadable registration form.

Note: If the name on the PayPal account is different from the name of the registrant, please insert the PayPal account name in the appropriate box at the end of the form so that we may connect this form with the payment.

If your plans change and you are unable to attend the conference after registering, full refunds will be issued if you cancel before May 25, 2021. Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued after May 25, 2021. Please do NOT issue a "chargeback" through your credit card company. Please contact Dr. Sam Wan if you desire a refund.

Thanks for your interest in the conference!

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If someone other than the registrant named above will be paying the registration fees (e.g., registrant's spouse or significant other, or if the name on your PayPal account is different from your full name listed above), please enter the name of person that is associated with the credit card being used to charge the registration fee in the box below:
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I am registering to attend the main conference (May 26-27, 2021)
(Psychologists: $75; Trainees: $25)

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APA Division 18

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